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I need to do justice to this post before I post the track because on so many levels I’ve been going back and forth about how I will post thing song, air out my opinions and then ultimately let the track rip. There are several different parts to posting this track that you guys need to take into consideration.

– I know Howee very well, he was the young’n in the crew, I rolled with his talented brothers for years while I was in Kenya. So there is a general bias towards the family and towards him as an individual.

– I’ve known of his child, the situations surrounding the child, him and other personal issues that don’t need to be here. So for him to make this track I am truthfully touched because I know it’s coming from a good part of his heart.

– Lastly Howee has been buggin me about putting this track on rotation for a while mostly because he is about to break some phenomenal marketing barriers for the first time for an East African Artists online but mostly also because this track here present an opportunity that most of his other music hasn’t really in a while.

Okay back to the track – I am conflicted with Howee as an artists, and I want to say this in all honesty. I think Howee as a rapper is just okay, he is not exceptional he is an okay rapper. I think many people in Kenya won’t and can’t understand his music style and hence he has always been forced to channel his music across the borders and into other markets. And that’s okay because I think you cant get everyone feeling your music. I sat with a panel of our DJs to discuss his music and there were many conflicting outcomes.

The one thing we all however agree about is the guy is that he knows how to push his music and how to push his brand. I gotta admit I am impressed by that. So much that I hit him up a month ago and asked him why he has never considered talent marketing or artists management. The truth is Howee in my opinion is a better music entrepreneur than he is an artists and thats just the truth from where I stand (No pun intended Brov). I mean the dude understands the potential of the Internet, the entertainment business, the market, the opportunities and he goes hard on all these things.

Either way one thing I learned over time in this industry and in life is that you gotta do whats right for you first. And then when whats right for you feels right then you will get other people to support you on your journey to righteousness. Right now Howee is doing him. So its like the world is paying attention irregardless whether they like it or not. When you start looking and working for your music to go beyond the African walls you must have some big CAJUNAS/COJONES. And for that we support you Brov. To me Daddys little girl was not necessarily about the beat and the rhymes, it was more about the message and the encouragement the track gives me and other single parents out there to try and do right by their kids. To me the track signifies some level of maturity and engages a conversation in the community that most African fathers never really want to have. I know am not one to speak on this subject matter but for what its worth there are guys who have the opportunity of being good fathers today but they throw it away each day. The Mboch spends more time with the child than with the folks beats the purpose. But most of these changes start with one conversation – and I think Howee opened up the door for these conversations.

Much love and respect – I hope this journey brings out the best in you…

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