Fid Q feat J-Bryant – Danger (GetMziki Exclusive ****)


Fid Q

First and foremost we must apologize for going offline for a few days last week. We over exceeded our traffic capacity and as such the useless h

osting company we have decided to take it upon themselves to migrate our services to a better server without really giving us ample notice and or giving us the chance to communicate with our audience.

We don’t expect this to ever happen again so – please sit tight as we consolidate all the music that needs to be pushed out.

Why don’t we start the week off with my man Fareed (Fid Q). This song just dropped last week and its off Fid Q’s upcoming title album called PROPAGANDA. This single is heavy, its sick, it feels like something off a movie soundtrack made in the US. J Bryant kills the hook with sultry echoes and really well composed vocal delivery. I don’t really have much info on J Bryant so for now we will kinda have to wait up for more information to drop.

listen to Danger here:


download the track here:


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