Prezzo, Wyre, Abbas, Nikki, DNG, Nazizi and Canibal – Chapaa (remix) (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Normally we would put up an image of the artist and then the feedback, but in this song because there is no logical way to put all these super stars on one image. I will post the video first and then post the track on feedback after the video…

So here goes the video:

And now back to our regular scheduled programming:

Chapaa was Abaas biggest hit I think, produced by super CRUNK producer Tshazi – it was one of those tracks that just hit it big. The lyrical delivery the content and the relevance at the time was inevitable. So when Tshazi told me he had a remix to Chapaa, I honestly was praying that it didn’t really sound so different from the original mix. True to the fact he maintained the same sample but added a few elements here and there making it sound even fresher and dopper (if there is such a word like dope anymore).

Normally a remix is about seeing which artist will kill the record more than the rest and to me this remix was best performed by Prezzo. I mean the audacity of Prezzo’s mouth and lyrics is just overwhelmingly creative. This is one cat who in my opinion doesnt have to rap about things that didnt happen. he doesnt have to rhyme about guns and crime – he just has to rhyme about how he spends money and personally I love it. In his verse he talks about how he hired the Chopper from Wilson to Carnivore (total distance of 1.5Km) he paid 60,000Ksh for that short flight. Then he further goes to talk about how he uses show money to put credit on his phone – he he he I mean really!!! Jay walahi…

listen to the title track here:


download the track here:

And For DJ’s just for the fun of it here goes the good stuff …

download the instrumental here:

download the accapella here:


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