T.I.D (Top In Dar) feat Nazizi – Watasema (GetMziki re-mix challenge)



A few months back we had a challenge for a few DJs to create a remix/mashup off the instrumentals available on GetMziki. I since then forgot that I was to share these findings or results on GetMziki but also more importantly some DJs or producers just did pathetic jobs (pun intended). So there was no need to post anything really. However I was compelled to recognize this particular submission by a guy called Waithaka in Kenya. Truthfully it would be hard for anyone to top off Musyokas original Watasema track. I mean to date I still feel like this has to be one of Musyokas best work EVER – so for you to take these two great artists and put something better on them I dont know….

But Waithaka was up for the challenge, took it by the cojones and made this thing sound tight. I personally think this is a worthy remix. He adhered to Musyoks BPMs added his own harmonies and bass guitars that just seem to make the remix more original than the original. TID’s vocals are always on point (were)… so truthfully without TID’s vocals this track wouldnt be delivered in this way – no way.

I would also like y’all to note that I am posting this because Waithaka created these beats from scratch so it wasn’t really like a DJ Mashup it was more like his version of the remix. Waithaka who runs Waithaka Ent is an avid Musyoka fan – and essentially he picked a track that he felt was Musyokas best. With that said tell me what y’all think of Waithakas creativity..

listen to watasema remix here:


download Waithakas remix [right click and hit save target as]

listen to the main Watasema title track here:


listen to the original instrumental here:


download the instrumental here [right click and hit save target as]

listen to the original accapella here:


download the accapella here [right click and hit save target as]


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