K-Lynn feat Hermy B – Not a Flirt



First and foremost this is not a new track, it was released some time last year but we are sort of back tracked with hits that we need to push everything out of the door this week so try and keep up. In accordance so some new processes we are trying out at GetMziki I decided to share the content of these song via one of our partners – BongoCelebrity

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For many years music making in Tanzania has been “coin” oriented practice. A coin In a sense that it is only two sides that are involved to ensure the material reaches the audience. The artist has to compose, write and get in the booth and sing while correcting herself. The producer has to produce the instruments, record, mix and master. This being done for couple of tracks, one is bound to meet some terrible music along the way. Because, no shoulder could handle such huge burden, without compromising its quality of deliverance.

K’Lynn in her comeback she decided to walk the most feared path by many Tanzanian artists, twice. She decided to use foreign language even though she is aware that she might lose her local fans, but she is up for that because she is now focused to represent our music out of our borders. She broke another rule by letting another person write her idea. Tanzanian artist usually consider singing someone else’s words is a sign of weak artistic skills, but she did not care for as long she makes a good music to bring massive impact.

This track has an urban context, a mixture of hip-hop and R n B, easy to penetrate Europe and America market. All English, with little Swahili to identify her origin. It is about a very pretty woman with a massive sex appeal to the extent it makes every male she looks at, feel like she is flirting (giving sexual signals) with them and this makes his boyfriend very jealous, but it is not her fault it is just her looks.


Song: Not A Flirt
Artist: K-Lynne Ft. Hermy B
Created By K-Lynne
Written and Composed By Amani Joachim
Additional Background Vocals By: Amani Joachim
Produced, Recorded and Mix 1 By Pancho Latino at B’Hits Studios- Dar es Salaam
Mix 2 and Mastered By Hermy B at B’Hits Studios Dar es Salaam

listen to Not a flirt here:


download track here:


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