Bamboo feat Vikki Secret – Love Hate Mix (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of Vikki Secret Myspace Page

I met Vikki once about 5 years ago at Brother B’s studio in Kenya. Brother B also known as Bruce Odhiambo to some has a nice studio house in Lavington that often is the lunch depot for many of his clients and friends – every friday we would go for some Biriyani. I am yet to meet someone as fresh as Bruce Odhiambo real talk. Bruce was working on a track for Vikki and the chile was blowing her lungs off – I was convince the fine broad wasnt a Kenya (coz she twengs 24-7). So after her recording session the chile chomokad and somehow I gathered that she was Bamboo’s sister.

So as you can imagine this might have come my way as a shocker because I didn’t know Bamboo, I only knew of Kimya (Bamboo’s Brother who is also a rapper)… but to Add Vikki to the equation it just completes a family with great musical talents and aspirations. honestly Vikki can sing point blank. She is based somewhere in Los Angeles and if you check out her myspace you will see she mingles a lot with the whose who’s of the music industry in the US. So its always nice to hear some good music from her and her brother collaborating on some heat. This is a track you typically will here on like WPGC or KBLX (local US radio stations)… No difference here apart from Bamboo throwing in Nairobi here and there – I like the track.

Bamboo seems to have a good producer by his side, I hope he can make sense of his new album direction coz the guy is fire….

listen to love hate mix here:


download the track here:


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