Indiginas feat Vintiqeezy – Casanova



Last time these two artists were on a track is when they collaborated on a remix for Indiginas (Binti remix). This is some new heat that comes on the debut of the whole Piga Picha crew into the Bay Area this weekend over the Labor day festivities.

Am going to be real here for a minute, I don’t know Vintiqueezy but ive voiced my opinions about his music in the past all through this blog – more importantly I just find his name hard to pronounce or accentuate – however I think he is an enterprising young guy, he has a clothing line now (Ndovu Clothing) and I also understand he is into graphix and stuff so essentially he is probably going to make a few mistakes here and there but eventually will shine if he stays consistent. Many of these cats work so hard but very few of them know what it takes to build a brand – this is one such guy who I feel is slightly on the edge of building a brand and being a brand. his flashy yellow or pink shades and the sagging Dux probably help you describe him faster than any Kenyan artists I know. But put that aside – V has a small bright future if he stays consistent… (I don’t know about that Ndovu Clothing though homie lol…. )

Second is Indiginas, I love this cat coz he is just too humble, besides him being a close friend, I just love the fact that we can meet up and talk about life while enjoying a beer. However I think on a more personal note (sorry if I offend anyone in his camp). I think Idiginas needs to change the direction of his music. Thats just my personal opinion. I think there comes a time in an artists life where you grow up and you gotta change the direction of your music. I know JP (also known as Indiginas) has been in the game for a while, since Kenya days. But I think the direction needs to change – Jay Z is not talking about guns no more because he doesn’t own any – he has people who can shoot for him instead. I think artists forget that they grow older and that they need to grow older in their music with their peers. If I was an Indiginas fan 7 years ago, I cant possibly like the same things I did 7years ago. The music has to progress and change.

This song is okay.. Well its just okay.. But I personally can’t relate to it. I know JP will kill me but its just the truth. anyway let me get some more feedback from pals here…

listen to Casanova here:


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