Jua Cali – Sikupenda kwangu (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



JuaCali is currently working on his third studio album which of course is being produced by Clement Rapudo (Clemo of Calif Records). On September 1st Calif records released this single to the media houses in Kenya and of course us too – I smell an instant hit. Although this is not one of those classic beat ya Clemo tracks (most Clemo tracks will hit you with the kick and snare from the word go – its hard to ignore that infectious beat once the rappers start spitting because Clemo just has a way of arranging beats thats unique and classic – we call it GENGE!!) However I think this track is a creeper.

I call it a creeper because you will slowly like to hate this song – so it creeps up on you. Sikupenda kwangu is just a feel good song, the type of track you just want to listen to and marinate to… Whenever I post Calif based songs I dont like talking too much – I like to let the music do the talking… Enjoy

listen to sikupenda kwangu here:


download the track here:


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