Calvo Mistari feat Amos & Josh – Urembo


Rapper Calvo Mistari collaborates with sensational duo Amos & Josh in this inspirational single “UREMBO” off his second Album TBC for release in 2017. UREMBO was inspired by the need to talk to women directly about what men view beauty as.The song celebrates a woman’s character as the attractive factor a man looks for. The song also seeks to clear the misconception that being a socialite is the best thing that today’s young ladies can achieve as a form of success.

The song has been produced by Dillie under his production label, House of Dillie. It was written by Calvin Kirimba, Amos Muema, Simani Joshua & Hubert Amenya. The Bass Guitar was played by Tom Olang’ Other instruments played and arranged by Fredrick Wang’ombe.
The video has been directed by Odibz for TeamMistari Production.

Speaking about the song, Calvo said, “This song will hopefully inspire Madem wengi kujiamini in their character more than their looks. whether you are tall, dark, big or small, Urembo ni wewe!”

Josh had this to say too, “sidhani kuna anywhere in the world kuna warembo kama my country Kenya. This goes out to every lady hustling crazy and making something out of life… Especially single moms, Urembo ni wewe!”

Amos added, ‘Inner beauty never fades, it’s priceless. Uki build ya ndani, nje haiwezi fichika. – Urembo ni wewe.”
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