Juliani – Exponential Potential (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


This track is actually pretty old, it dropped sometime late last year but we never got a chance to post it. How I ended up being hooked on it over the last one week is something I cant clearly explain. Either way I need to drop it today so that some of the diaspora folks can enjoy. I love the video as well but mostly the production and creative lyrical flow.

The track was produced by Freddie (former HB student)… I am still trying to figure out if Freddie actually got a guy to pluck the guitar for that almost melancholy HAM melody. I mean listen to that GUITAR man, I almost forget what Juliani is saying because the guitar strings are just too too timam. Either way I cant stop listening to this song today – bless it.

watch the video here:

listen and download the track here:


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