Nali Katana – Wapi (Artist On The Grind)


Every now and then you get to listen to music that really captures the pillars of Hip-hop culture in terms of creativity and rhymes. One of the freshmen of 2010 who is slowly creating a buzz for himself is Nali Katana, who is really going out of the box by catering to an audience that is out there that still listens to the punch lines and lyrical flow.

Currently living in Canada, Nali originally from Kenya released this single ‘Wapi Katana” a few months ago and it’s slowly been bubbling on the streets and media outlets. I first heard about him when I listened and saw his video to “Letter to E-Sir” where basically analyzed E-Sir’s “Nimefika” album from the 1st track to the last…

Niaje E-sir siku mingi bana,
Leo ni leo mambo-leonard si ni ungwana,
Ilibidi ngoma moja nikuhonor,
Nimefika Album si iliwanga tu noma…

With Nali, those are the moments that make you appreciate the type of artist that he is. He has a natural talent and ability. Not many people are fortunate enough to find their passion early on in life and with Nali I believe he has found out what works best for him and he’s doing it the way he see’s best.

“Wapi Katana” really shows that Nali can write and create good tracks. The lyrical skills are there and its just a matter of time before he shows everyone out there that “Mkamba akiroga blunder najiandaa,ka ngotha kuwa star kubeba kenya ka bra”

Keep on the hustle Nali!!!!!

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)



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