JuaCali feat Double L – Kazi ni Kazi (GetMziki Exclusive)


Sometimes its hard to distinguish new artists from old artists (veterans). A few weeks ago I was having an argument about how I think all these old skool artists in Kenya are done, my argument was simple – There are very few skilled/talented acts in Kenya. In fact if we were to sit down on a round table and talk about the top ten rappers/artists in Kenya I am pretty sure we would condense that number to as little as 8 good artists.

By definition of a good artists/rapper it doesn’t mean anyone who has had one hit or a couple, to me its an artists who consistently each year or each quarter has delivered a phenomenal track and also has a phenomenal album. To date I am compelled to respect one Kenyan act year over year. JuaCali for me is just consistent with his flow, delivery and vocal capabilities. His relevance sits years afar from any Kenyan rapper ive come to know or listen to. I cant explain it – Its almost as if he is the Kenyan EMINEM in terms of relevance. Dont get me wrong there are other great rappers in Kenya, however when you sit down and look at year over year the hits that Clemo puts together with this man, they are all phenomenal.

This track I have uploaded is not exception to the rule – HEAR IT, FEEL IT, GET IT.

This is JuaCali at his best featuring Double L whom he is trying to push out – by the sound of it, Double L will also become a significant body in the music industry in Kenya.

listen to Kazi ni Kazi


download the track here:

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