Camp Mulla feat Kanja & M.Anifest – Look at Me Now (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



I’ve been meaning to drop this crazy collabo over the last few days but I keep getting distracted with the Ladybug Project videos lol. Real talk I have to give it up to Ms Karun for going solo and building such a crazy inspiring docuseries to share the album project with the world. As most creatives know to get to the hatched egg (chic factor), most people forget that there was a lot of chemistry going on inside the egg (fertilization, embroy bla bla). To me Karun and her team making that decision to share the inner workings of her album was innovative to say the least. I am encouraged and inspired by that new generation.

I thought I’d share Karuns journey on this post since when this track was produced she was still when she was very much a part of CampMulla. To date I’ve never shared what I think about their split up, and not that I will today but I think overall it’s important for artists to find themselves and try different things with their individual careers. Heck if Destiny Child Broke up to find their own individual talents, who is CampMulla to withstand the storm of egos.

Look at Me now is a heavy song and it features one of my great Ghanaian rappers – MANIFEST. In 2010 we posted HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS when no one was up on game on M.Anifest – he is nice man. Real talk he is one of my great African rappers – keep killing em Chale.

Lastly you got KANJA who is currently posted up in the Motherland making music and infusing himself into these great collabos. KANJA is working on something Epic so I am staying tuned for his upcoming work, on this collabo you can feel him go in and deliver his new versatility. I mean the track is heavy, everyone on this track brought their A GAME. Enjoy this banger here..

ps. If you’ve been watching that LadyBug Project like I have, there is a tune they tease out on Episode 2 at the 4:54 mark salaaaalaaaa – those Boss and Chief cats might as well be Chief and Boss (Kagwe & Jazz) – that TRACK is going to be heavy man I hope Karun did nuff justice to that beat. If not I got boys ready in Oakland who can show you what time it is…. waaaaa… respect on that production..

listen and download the track here:

watch the video here:


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