Chameleon feat Dr. Alban – Work


Jose Chameleon is probably one of the biggest Ugandan sensations to date. Having personally met the guy, he is not necessarily one of the best people to be around in terms of attitude and charisma, but you cant take away the fact that as a performer he is one sick bastard.. (in a good way). Jose commands presence, he commands the crowds attention and often he will make an unforgettable impact.

A few years back while he performed in DUBAI (sorta conservative ambassador crowd-ish) he jumped on a table, took off his shirt… the diplomats were in awe. I mean he really gets into the music, which I think is something thats lacking from many of our other counter part artists in Kenya. That said…

This is one of my favorite songs where he collaborated with Dr. Alban (born in Nigeria lived in Sweden/ Reggae sensational artists a blast from the past type of artist) Dr. Alban has sold over 11 Million records and singles worldwide. He was sort of a big deal back in the day with hit tracks like No Coke, and Hello Africa (if anyone has any of these songs please hook me up). But the sheer fact that Chameleon thought of doing a collabo with such a respected, timeless artist just goes to show what kind of skill Jose commands. The end product is phenomenal to say the least but I give him mad respect for his work and for his continuous churning of hits after hits (I especially like the fact that he makes songs in Swahili to cross over the 3 borders).

listen to Chameleon and Dr. Alban – work here


download the track here:


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