Mr Lenny, Jua Cali, Ratatat – Zinduka



Mr Lenny is one of those artists that I have always felt could become explosive if he had the right management, the right team and for most part a little more western exposure. I think he has an interesting voice for our culture and seems to have a way with words and lyrics. Ogopa DJs was responsible for breaking this artists, back in the day when he’d do cameo’s on Nameless songs.

Today he seems to have an unstoppable hook and he character and charisma just add to the soulful music he does everyday. This track Zinduka, features JuaCali, and some chic called Ratatat. The video just came out and can be found on you tube if you want to check it out – but I didnt feel like uploading it.

Enjoy the track!!

listen to Mr Lenny – Zinduka here:


download the track here:


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