Chit Chat – I la la like It (GetMziki Exclusive **)


image courtesy of Chit chat Facebook (Kijiji Records)

So one of our main contributors DJ Dona has been in Kenya for a few weeks visiting family and friends. The one thing he has told me is that Gospel music is BIG in Kenya – in a BIG way. Actually the two things he told me were Gospel and Facebook are the two most growing trends in the community right now. All this is music to my ears because I am a very conflicted soul when it comes to Social media in East Africa and Gospel music penetration amongst the youth.

I’ll focus on Gospel penetration here because this post is about music and not really social media. I’ve known Kanji for a while since he was in California – US, where Milele was his life and his life was Milele – so to me thats one person that dedicated his life to ensuring people heard the word of God through music. I am just worried about the fifteen other people getting into this industry to make money, to get famous and more importantly to spread the word wrongly (not that I think there is a right or wrong way). I am one of those guys who used to cringe when I’d hear kuna dawa in a club – because I could see guys holding booze and langas on hand and singing “yesu ndio damu” that just didnt sit right with me.

Right now you have all this hiphopcentric songs that are crossing over to the main stream market and really causing a rift in my reasoning and clouding my judgment about the future of Gospel music in Kenya. Maybe am just old school. I mean sure enough there are hiphop Gospel tracks all over the world – but honestly I don’t know when the last time I heard Kirk Franklin at a local pub/club in the US was… sijui. Anyway thats food for thought

Chit Chat is a conglomerate of the heavy weights, it comprises Astar, Rigga, Juliani and Michelle, as well as rapper Bupe and singers Dee and Ciiru (with Groove award winner Blackman serving as producer/band leader). All these artists are over accomplished Gospel singers so the teaming up just seems to make them unstoppable. Chit Chat hopes to spark conversation, they hope to continue engaging with the people through their music, talking about day to day life happenings and how Gospel can influence the value systems in the community.

I truthfully have no opinion about this track, apart from the fact that Tim Rimbui (Innovator) put it together with Kanji. The style of the music has definitely changed but I guess I just have to get used to the NEWNESS and to the CHANGE.

listen to I la la like it here:


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