Cloud Tissa Feat. Anthony B – Upright Man


From the exotic to the ordinary, from travels both physical, spiritual and mental transcendence across geographical lines within Africa, Europe, Asia and Usa, Cloud Tissa’s album Survival 99 is marked by global samplings and fusion of excellent Reggae tunes. The album features Anthony B, Shamir, Didier Wayo and is loaded with hit-making potential.

In his new album, Tissa remains faithful to his high musical and lyrical aspirations.On his song “Upright Man, feat. Anthony B” Tissa channel a voice for those who are exploited, who are marginalized, and oppressed. “Upright Man“ is the voice of a leader, a man who wants to lead his people from their bondage and speak for the vulnerable. The “Upright Man“ walks the proverbial walk.
The song´s melody is a groovy upbeat reggae with a mellow rock bouquet and intricate guitar play

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