Brand New: Wakimbizi – Pull Up


I didn’t really want to post this song because I personally don’t like it – Wakimbizi had a hit track called Jogoo a few years back that we featured on this site that was far much better. But this song which also just happens to be a ULOPA Ngoma exclusive is kinda too busy and disruptive for me. I attached a video that Ulopa has done with Wakimbizi – called Makanga that sounds very similar. Is this the end of a dying dynasty for ULOPA – coz these songs sound too ordinary.. they don’t have the signature sound that has been infectiously appealing to many of us.

Again these are just my opinions – maybe this track is a banger to some people, but to me – haijanibamba. either way I am posting it to feed the streets… DJs have a blast.

listen to pull up here:


download the track here:

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