Coola Gang – Artist Showcase (*****Hip Hop Week)


We’d made it clear that we were going to showcase some hip hop artists making moves across Kenya. Consider this as our version of the top freshmen.

Colla Gang is made up of Kapella, Taffie, Young Haze, Shukid, Mtapa and Ace Tha Don. One way to sum up Colla Gang is heavy lyricism , raw street visuals and a resilience and consistent work ethic. They recently released the “JustAMixtape: The College Handbook”. I listened to the whole mixtape and with such tracks as “Lights cut low” “I wanna Rap” that definitely deserve some spins. The group has tons of original material including a few remixes.

With heavy lyricism and crazy flows Colla Gang is definitely on the right track in thier movement. The crew has released numerous dope tracks that show they can make great records. If you’re a rap nerd like me you know that variety is the spice of life, so put your head down and listen to the crew.

Sample a few cuts from the crew

Watch The “Stay Schemin” (African Remix)video below:

Watch The Peoples Choice Cypher below:

Watch The “State Of Emergency Cypher” video below:


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