A-Rio A-Rio Ft Filthy Rich – Deep It Low (GetMziki Exclusive***)


A-Rio A-Rio is an all female group from Kenya. They describe themselves as the “The first Kenyan female dance hall group……ready to take it to the next level…”

The song sounds a bit too average for me to press rewind. I was feeling the production, the hook by Filthy Rich and the part by the first chick, However the second chicks verses were weak and kinda off beat. I'm not truly counting the duo off. I wanna hear some more stuff from the duo before I really place them on the “potential” or “no potential” roster.

Can I talk freely. The beat maker did a wonderful job and I give all props to him. The producer for the song slacked a little bit, in that some of the vocals and lyrics especially for the second chick should have been put

on the back burner and never seen the light of day. Producing for artists, entails being involved in the studio and having a say in the arrangements, pitches, tone and even insisting on artists changing their bars either due to them being off beat or just weak. As a producer you sometimes have to stand your ground. Have you wondered why people like Dj Khaled or Dj Drama are the best music producers out there, but not great beat makers. That's a story for another day 😉

I will still give A-Rio A-Rio props for making a decent track.

Listen and download the track below:

Watch the video below:


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