Camp Mulla ft Wizkid – Prices (GetMziki Exclusive***)


camp Mulla

With Camp Mulla officially releasing “Prices”, yesterday as an official single, we decided to bless our readers with the track. They say more money means more problems, but Camp Mulla and Wizkid aren't stressing or worrying about prices.

It's been a great one year for Camp Mulla, who last week released their debut album Funky Town. Apart from being were nominated for the 2012 BET awards, the Channel O awards, getting signed to Universal and many more, they have been the group that has been pushing the bar in terms of artistry level, production and just how to handle and manage the music business as a whole.

We had them as “Artists of the Future” way before your local blog or radio station had them in rotation, which speaks volumes on their grind, persistence hustle and ability to create good consistent records.

On this new single, the Kenyan group recruits Nigerian homie Wiz Kid for a ride while discussing everything about prices and the art of being “young cats, taking charge, working hard and balling”. Out of all the songs I heard on this album, this one is definitely a gem but not one of brightest gem. The kicks, snares, hi-hats arrangement and melodies used are very similar to “Hold it down”, but all the parties involved rode the beat well, and accompanied with their tight mix of styles and flows, works…very well…

All I'm gonna say is stay tuned for “Move On”. Go out and support the group by purchasing their album.

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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