Nosa – Always Pray For You (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


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While Gospel was taking over Kenya, in another p

art of Africa – GOSPEL was being reinvented by this man here called Nosa (Full names Nosa Omoregie). You’ve got to love Naija R&B coz it brings a bunch of elements to the table. Although to me I think its just the Pidgin English that makes Naija music so sweet. Nosa is actually from Benin City and has been making music for a while now, although not until this track came out did he actually start getting heavy rotation.

My Naija connex tell me “Always Pray For You” is currently the song of the week in Benin City and part of Lagos. Truth of the matter this is the first Nigerian Gospel song I’ve heard especially in Pidgin English. Its crazy – I cant lie, I’ve played it over and over again. Everything about this track just came into place – the production, the composition, the sound, the lyrical content and more importantly the vocal delivery. Nosa just has a beautiful voice… He reminds

Listen to Always Pray For You here:


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