Bangs – Take U to da Movies



Dona was going to post this track after a recent string of media coverage thrown at this new African artists, but I told him I want to steal the shine on this one. The challenge here is to post something meaningful without overly being opinionated and/or bashful of the talent behind this cat. One of my friends (Mike Wanguhu) dotted down that this is probably one of the smartest marketers of all time from Africa. I mean apart from “Black Jesos” the bom digidi, this is the only other African Urban artist that has gotten mad spins and numerous video shares on YouTube.

The thing is this – I personally dont think Bangs can sing or rap, but if you think about it, half of the artists that we have posted on this site over time really cant sing or rap. Talent lately has been mediocre, its a hit or miss really. Some people flourish because of auto tune, some people flourish because of collabos – so for what its worth as far as Africa is concerned – BANGS is a success. The ultimate marketing tool and he is getting the kind of attention many aspiring artists want (he had an interview on Shade45) I wouldnt be surprised if I saw him on BET or MTV for an interview.

But real talk I admire dudes enthusiasm – you gotta believe in yourself first before other folks can believe in you and I think for what its worth, the Internet is going crazy with this cat because of the audacity of wanting to be a super star – by force… by force…

listen to Take U to da movies here:


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