Sauti Sold – Range Rover


I’ve been out for a while, it sucks that the first post I make after getting back is a bashment of my one of my favorite bands. Honestly after I sampled this new album midflight I realized the first thing I have to do when I land is to exasperated my emotions. Truly I am embarassed and disappointed to say I was a SAUTI SOL fan. I felt like I could relate to the group, I felt like they represented a movement, a sound, a story. I felt the partnership they had with Wawesh at the time was probably the best thing since M-PESA.

But this Monday when I sample and listened to this track, I honestly just lost every inch of love I had for SAUTI SOL. Please understand I OWN the first EP in its entirety hard copy. But you cant tell me these are the same guys who made Lazizi and Blue Uniform? I actually refuse to accept that they have evolved and grown into this…

Seriously guys – RANGE ROVER!!! Really?

As an avid fan and follower of your music, please rationalize to me what you guys have been working on, tell me I am dreaming. Because after watching this video I am probably more upset than I am disappointed.

Watch RANGE ROVER here:

Just incase you forgot who SAUTI SOL were:

And for kicks Blue Uniform one of my best tracks:

Anyway maybe am over reacting but honestly please bring back my band – please bring back the sound and the culture and the essence of African music back home. If this is what growth and maturity in music is all about then I think we are doomed. Shelve that album.


Sauti Sol #1 Fan


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