Collo – Kuwa Mpole (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Collo dropped this song a few days ago and I cant hide my excitement at being told that he mentioned me and GetMziki in a line on the track. By virtue of that respect and acknowledgment I will put this song on blast for the next TWO WEEKS without fail. I have always said Collo is a killer rapper and freestyle artist. I definitely think he will have a hard time trying to shed off the Kleptomaniacs image but he definitely can stand on his own on any record or any song.

Actually for a long time I always felt his personality is what sold the group. Every group needs one bad boy, and Collo for the longest time was this BAD BOY and his image just made Klepto alive. I am not sure about where his personality and character traits are today but from listening to the new material he has put out I can say Collo still sounds the same and his lyrics are still razor sharp. Collo has repeatedly told me that Nyash is always by his side even as he tries to venture into a pseudo solo career. Which just makes me like the idea that they are solid as a group and still solid as friends while pursuing their separate individual careers. And thats just something as miros we lack when trying to venture out into separate business after long term partnerships.

Next week I will post his current single making rounds in Kenya Called [Chini ya Maji], which I also understand is available on Skiza and Vuma.

listen to here:


download the track here:


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