Madtraxx & Chava – Kamares/Skamaress (DJ Spinz Exclusive **)


The recently posted track by Madtraxx Skamaress has caused so much uproar I am actually fascinated and the some of the dramatic feedback. Notwithstanding I am totally touched by the honest feedback and the compelling open criticizm guys who visit this site have. On a lighter note am completely floored this evening when Alan dropped this remix, his version of a Madtraxx & Chava inspired track. As if to put all the turmoil to rest and atleast just allow the two artists to enjoy the hype they are both receiving for their songs, attached is a good rendition of how both their songs would sound if they were to work together


We welcome any other variations that are available out there that we havent heard yet… this is what music should be about – creativity.


listen to skamares kamares here:


download the track here:


listen to Skamaress instrumental here:


Download it here – [Right click and hit save target as]


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