Colonel Moustapha – Lenga Stress (**GetMziki Exclusive)


image courtesy of Ogopa Facebook

I’ve been sitting on this track for the last few days really trying to see how to best be positive without bashing anybody. For this post I decided to get an excerpt of a track I had previewed late last year which perfectly summarizes “Lenga Stress”.

To me, this track should should have had a different theme, subject matter and above all, a different layout. The song sounds like hundred other songs out there and once again the producer did a sub par job when it came to ensuring the song’s overall feel and direction. The latter, makes me pose and ask this question; Do the artists, producers and management team sit and marinate over the finished product before releasing it. Don’t get me wrong, Colonel Moustapha has what it takes to make good records, but from the look of things, he’s taking five steps forward and eight steps backwards. With artists who release 2-3 songs a year, you cannot afford to release sub-par records. The system will eat you alive. Now, if you were an artist who releases 10-20 songs a year, the system can allow you to once in a while stumble, since you have a resume of making great records. My advice is that if you reasing an average of 3 songs a year, marinate on at least 4 different versions of the record for at least 4 months before letting the public hear the record.

Bottom line, I’m not really feeling this record.

Listen to the track below:


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