Mimmo Feat Chiku – Rollacoaster (**GetMziki Exclusive)



I’m sure when Mimmo entered the music scene, she knew the up’s and downs associated with the various systems whether dealing with fellow artists, media houses or record executives who would be sometimes rotten to the core. Through all this, I’m sure she clearly understands the whole idea of artists maturing. She has accomplished a lot even before releasing her major-label debut album and on “Rollacoaster” Mimmo returns to what makes her tick by grabbing Ulopa Ngoma for some solid track with more positives than negatives.

The record is a decent track with decent lyrics that is finding a few spins on my music playlist. One thing that stuck for me was how the producer Ulopa Ngoma switched sounds and added various elements throughout the track creating a “learning production” exercise. However from a fan and outsider perspective, I don’t know how everyone out there will perceive the production and record.

Listen and download the track below:

Watch the video below:


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