Colonel Mustafa Ft Brown Mauzo – Panga Pangua


Colonel Mustafa -Dodoma

Colonel Mustafa has been on the musical grind for a minute. There are only a handful of his records that I like and most of them are older material. The present day Mustapha is all over in terms of his music.

Could someone also explain to me the whole Kenyan culture in music by releasing 20 singles in a span of 3 years and no official album. Also does every audio have to have a video. I know the reasoning that videos make audios stronger and stand out, but why have 4 audios and 4 videos out while you could have made an album with 8 tracks and push one or two records with videos. I’m just saying..

Panga Pangua is a good record that features Brown Mauzo.Production is on point and both artists did their thing…

[Download the track here:]

Watch the video below:


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