Wangechi- Fast Lane



It’s been more than two years since we names Wangechi as one of the top new artists to watch. First foward to 2015 and “Fast lane” is new offering from the artist. From the press release

J​ust after her grisly accident, it is with no doubt that the rising rapper is buzzing everywhere. Other than the publicity she has gained from Coke Studio Africa, Wangechi’s name is on everyone’s lips, as she will be performing alongside Morgan Heritage – a feat that must be recognized. Just last week, she held her first concert outside Kenya during the Peace One Day concert in Rwanda, as well as performing the peace anthem with other African musical icons like Ice Prince, Ali Kiba, Dama Do Bling and Maurice Kirya.
​Other than that she will feature on coke studio season 3 which starts airing on October 11 at 8pm on Citizen tv
She speaks about her performance with such excitement. “I fell in love with Rwanda from the moment we landed. I also felt honoured to be singing about peace in a country that has gone through much and really understands its importance.”
It seems her visit to Rwanda also gave her a jumpstart in her music career after spending time with Rwanda’s top R&B artist, Butera Knowless.

This is what I said when I posted one of her records…
Wangechi can definitely spit and that something music fans know. My own personal opinion is that she’s still trying to find out what style best suits her persona and until then it will be hit or miss type of records from her. Her producer Provoke should have narrowed down everything by now.

Wangechi should package her music as an EP for all her fans out there…

NOTE: I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why as an artists you can have a single to promote and disable the download button for Djs and fans to get your music. Artists should have a link where people can either download or buy the music …


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