Coola Gang- Songa (**GetMziki Exclusive)



This post is a little bit personal to me for a number of reasons. I clearly remember when I first showcased Coola Gang two years ago in a series called “Hip Hop Weekly“. Among other things, I’m a rap nerd and back then I could definitely see their future potential. I got some flack from some people who believed Coola gang was just “My hype”.

We also had Kapella and Cool Kid Taffie who currently make up Colla Gang as part of the 2012 Top Freshmen.

2014 finds them having one of the biggest records in Kenya currently. I’m really proud of the duo and what they have accomplished in their music path. By fusing their great lyrical ability and Grand Pa’s productions, “Songa” is a massive single……..

Listen to Songa below:


[Download the track here: RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS]

Watch the video below


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