Ray Mo – Apple (GetMziki Exclusive ****)



We are in the process of launching GetMziki TZ Edition this or next week and as part of that process we are trying to balance the songs we will post on GetMziki TZ vs the amount of songs we will leave on the GetMziki core site. Dont worry you wont miss out on anything, because there will be links to go back and forth between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya Editions.

As part of this exercise I am overwhelmed by the amount of good Tanzanian music we have received so far – especially with this fire from a new artist called Ray Mo (I think short for Raymond). The track is called Apple- although you’d have to be super attentive to notice the mention of apple on the track, I figured they just didn’t know what an Apple is called in swahili or maybe it didn’t sound exotic enough. I doubt any of you really know without trying to google or bing it 🙂 But am here to help you – An apple is actually called TOFAA look it up now… go ahead!

Needless to say this song is off the chain its killer, I understand Ray Mo will soon be signed to G-Records which is the same label that Ali Kiba is under. G Records is ran by DJ G lover who currently is seemingly becoming the R&B sensation in the region, it seems all these singing love birds are coming from his stable and Tanzania is loving it in every sense.

Either way enjoy this track its killer, am loving it –

listen to apple here:


download the track here:


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