Swahili Nation – Hakuna Matata (GetMziki Throwback ****)


image courtesy of Swahili Nation Myspace page

I was listening to some random music and figured I should share some of the old flare I have locked up in my ipod. Honestly sometimes I think if I was ever to lose my ipod I would cry – the amount of local heat on that thing is impressive. Either way this song was pretty huge a few years ago, I remember when these cats showed up at Safari Sevens it was like seeing 50cent. Essentially I think Swahili Nation at one point were like what P-Square is to Africa today.

The initial group which was founded by two Kenyans (Andrew and Ken Muturi) and one Tanzanian (a friend who passed away called Cool James – Mtoto wa Dandu). Cool James however went solo in 1992 at which point the group added two other Ugandans (Ken and Charlie). Ken and Charlie however carried this brand pretty well getting the group signed to Dr. Albans record label – Dr. Records rallied up to the current success they enjoy today.

Either way for many Kenyans who were around in the 90’s when Hakuna Matata broke the market – this song is like super nostalgia. Its amazing that I listen to it today and it still sounds fresh, the guys vocals are still up to par with the current standards… Enjoy..

listen to Hakuna matata here:

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