Tatuu feat Ulopa – Come back to me (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of Museke

I love Museke because it has a lot of random unnecessary or necessary information about many African artists. If anyone hasnt been there its time you check it out honestly. Where online can you find random historical information about Tatuu such as what school they went to, how they met and what their full names are?

Sidenote: One of the biggest challenges for many content publishers out there on the web is lack of information, its unfortunate that an artists can enter the studio to record but will have no plan to get his music out there, most of the work we do at GetMziki is scouted hustled through over phonecalls, text messages and emails to find out any information about artists. If anyone can complete this circle for people like us and make it available – African artists will only continue to shine even more…

Now back to our regular scheduled programming 🙂

Enough said about Ulopa, am not going to continue over flowering his expertise and talents, what I will say however is here is a producer who is going to turn into an artist faster than anyone else I’ve ever seen in the region. Actually now that I think about it, majority of singers in East Africa turn into producers but very few start as producers then end up being artists. Bruce Odhiambo was a singer turned producer, Wyre still sings and produces, Musyoka was a singer turned producer, Ted Josiah was a singer turned producer…. anyway you catch my drift – Big ups to Ulopa keep doing your thing.

listen to Come back to me here:


download the track here:

watch the video here: (thanks kimgitz for the url)


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