Sunshine – Imam Abbas feat Nakaaya (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



It’s new music Tuesdays here at GetMziki and as such we have to bless the Net and your ears. First of all we have to apologize for slowing down on the updates, we are still busy trying to figure out this web thing and how to continiously organize the music we have. For now however we have decided that, this wont kill the momentum we had – so stay tuned coz there is a lot of new music dropping this week both from African artists in the US and in Africa.

We also acquired a new contributor and resource, my main man Alvin Ngallo – represents the TZ fam in a big way. He has been behind some major moves over the last 11 months blessing the US with Ali Kiba and currently working on Mantonya US Tour. Alvin has been talking about LEMAR for a long time (a Tanzanian producer) but I have to admit I had been sleeping on this cats work for a long time. However a few posts down the line including this killer collaboration between Imam Abbas and Nakaaya, I can truly say I am now a believer. LEMAR just might be the TRUTH. I still don’t think he beats P-FUNK but currently I strongly think he is providing a strong alternative to the Tanzanian Bongo Flava artists.

This song might as well have been recorded down the street from where I live and work in the US coz you can’t tell that it’s a Bongo Flava track (which goes back to my argument months ago about what actually makes a song Bongo Flava or Genge). Needless to say am feeling it, Nakaaya’s vocals are always on point and she continues to represent TZ in a big way (rumor has it she got married to M1 from Dead Prez am not sure how true that is but we will keep a close eye to that vibe). I have no immediate info on who Imam Abbas is but hopefully Alvin will educate us soon enough… Enjoy the track

listen to sunshine here:


download the track here:

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