Sauti Sol – Blue Uniform (Video Update ***)


Sauti Sol

There is no denying how I feel about Sauti Sol, my general biase has always been evident by the frequent number of posts I have on this website with their classic tunes. Real talk though is I know none of these guys and have never met or been acquainted to any of them. But I just love their music. PERIOD. I mean dang these folks make good music thanks to BLAO and crew this is probably the greatest group of all time in Kenya in my opinion.

I recently asked Wawesh (who runs Blao and Imekubalika and PENYA) in that order to give me 40% of these cats future sales immediately the step foot in the US. Ive seen many Kenyans perform in my life time, I am yet to see Sauti Sol perform live but I honestly believe these guys GOT NEXT… Meaning if they stay consistent and stay doing what they do – these are going to be the next Kenyan International super stars.

ps. I will update the mp3 file for Sol lovers later this week

listen to Blue Uniform here:


download the track here:

Watch the New video here:


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