Brand New: Rap Damu feat Big Pin – Hustlin Damu


Can I be honest for a minute!!!

Am only posting this song because of pressure internally (inside GetMziki also too much politics with posting new songs vs relevant songs). But honestly, I dont care whether Big Pin the beast from the EAST is on this track – THIS TRACK IS WHACK!! real talk, the accordions and piano work is too loud (Maybe the mastering wasnt done right). I dont even know who produced the track – if its any of the top FIVE (musyoka, Ambrose, Ulopa, Ogopa, Innovator) then I am sorry but this was a really quick job.

But for the purposes of fairness considering my unfiltered comments and feedback – I have posted the song and opened up the channels for further feedback. I also haven’t heard of this guy called Rap Damu (RapDAMU). Maybe someone can shed some light…. But to me this track doesn’t work – and isn’t working…

listen to hustlin anthem here:


download the track here:


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