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“Yes, it’s finally here. As the year is finally approaching to a close, we are presenting the TOP 10 FRESHMEN IN KENYA in 2012. This has been a personal project and on the way recruited a few people who I believe were objective, knew about what needed to be done and shared the same vision. We spent numerous hours, days, weeks and countless dialogue going back and forth between all the parties involved and the list is presented with no prejudice, payola or external backing. I know people are going to say we did not feature artist A or artist B and we acknowledge that some people might have been overlooked and we had reasons why. Please do not ask why we do not have Octopizzo, Camp Mulla or Rabbit on the list. They are all past freshmen status and have graduated to the majors. We will be presenting 2 artists everyday of the week from Monday to Friday and finally close it with a compilation from all the artists on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for making this possible.” #254top10freshmen2012

Yes, people, Xtatic is one of the ten top 2012 freshmen from Kenya. Currently signed to record deal with Sony Music and a management deal with Rockstar 4000, she’s one of the top 10 freshmen that has the lyrical skills, looks and ability to create great records. She’s one of the artists that if promoted properly can become a superstar. The jury is still out, if her getting signed to a major label early on in her career is a positive or a negative. Go Xtatic. Make the people go “wild”……

Here is what I had to say when I showcased the Prep Track

Xtatic is one of the female MC’s on the come up in Kenya. I’ve listened to some of her songs and I’m really impressed with the growth considering she still hasn’t even reached her full potential. Xtatic is a remainder to those who claim our generation lacks rap talent, that there is definitely artists making moves. Listen and watch the video to the “Prep” track. This track has a real Hip Hop feel to it; Smooth and melodic . I can definitely see myself enjoying her music. Xtatic is definitely more than just a female emcee to me. I don’t like comparing artists but I’d said she’s a mix of street edgy quality street music mixed in with a “trendy” perspective.

Why You Should Care: She’s probably one of the most lyrical female rappers in recent times from Kenya bar to bar. Currently signed to record deal with Sony Music, a management deal with Rockstar 4000 which means more machinery in terms of budget for album promotion and branding.

Notable Releases: The Prep Track, Wild, U Don’t Know

Next Steps: Get collabo and features with various East African artists. Release a few more music videos, start a Vlog and do official and unofficial remixes of popular mainstream records.

Missing pieces to improve on : Find her music lane aka branding and stick with it for a while. She’s also lacking a underground solid fan base which comes as a result of her missing presence in local hip hop shows, mixtapes or collabos. Lack of a consistent following whether in radio, video or cyphers. My advice is for her to release at least 5 records showcasing her versatility on various producers beats before releasing her debut album.

For more on Xtatic Check out her Twitter, Reverbnation and Facebook.

Listen to the Prep track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Listen to Wild One

Listen to the U Don’t Know track below:

[audio:http://getmziki.s3.amazonaws.com/DJ NRUFF-6. U DONT KNOW – DJ NRUFF FT. XTATIC,KILLA STYLEZ & MIA.mp3]

Watch the Prep Video below:

Watch the Wild video below:


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