Daddy V- Dear Daddy


It’s one of those times when we feature a African artist based overseas. Daddy V, is a Kenyan artist based in Dallas and is no stranger to GetMziki. We have featured some of his tracks including Mahooks, Julietta and Nare, since he really sets the bar in terms of good quality music, being relevant in todays music scenes and till today remains one of the few artists consitently getting shows in the US, which speaks volumes on his music and hustle.

One thing we always treasure is showcasing artists that have passion for thier music and going above and beyond to push and market thier music without comprising on quality. His musical growth can also be seen in the various songs we showcase and artists out there should have him as a template on how to promote thier albums. Although “Nare” his debut album was released a few years ago, Daddy V is still releasing singles and videos from the album which is the 2010 way of marketing music.

He slid the team his brand new single “Dear Daddy” and we have been mariniating and bumping to the track. The track is on the Fallen Soldiers Riddim and is a dedication to his dad and to everybody out there who has lost a loved one. It’s one of those tracks that everyone out there can really relate to and also one of those timeless songs. Big shout outs to Kilimanjaro records!!!. Go out and support your artists. You can get Daddy V cd Nare here.

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Video below:


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