Tip Top – Tunapanda (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


This weekend I was hanging out with some friends and everyone kept bitching and moaning about the slow updates on Getmziki. My excuse was that – well, there isnt any good material to post anymore lol (of course I am lying) but the reality is its just been difficult to find time to go through all the music. Also one of our team members moved to Kenya to expand GetMziki in East Africa so this has made it slightly difficult to manage a huge site with just 3 or so contributors.

But we promise to change the momentum pretty soon.

To start things off I want to drop this Bongo Flava track from Tip Top Connection titled Bado Tunapanda. The group which is managed by Hamis Taletale aka Babu Tale seems to be a collaboration of some big Tanzanian heavy weights some of whom include Cassim, Keisha, Tunda Man, Desso and Madee. Unfortunately from the entire group I have only heard and featured worked from Cassim (featured asKassim on our blog – Usiende Kwa Mganga).

This track is not necessarily new its about 2 months old but I suspect it will be a huge banger in East Africa in the next few months. It is currently on EATV as one of the top 8 tracks on their charts and I can easily see it move up the charts this week. I spoke to a few of my TZ connex and I hear its heavy in the streets. Watch the video to get a sense of all the artists involved with this successful hit. The production is on point the singing is on point (especially the chic she has such a powerful voice, we need some new female voice in Tanzania am sorta bored of the Lady Jay Dee and Ray C’s)

listen to Tunapanda here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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