Daddy V – Mahooks (GetMziki Exclusive **)



So can I be brutally honest here? Please can I? …. This is a sick catchy song, it really doesn’t matter what you think in the final analysis about Daddy V as a person. I think on this particular track he just delivered needfully. I think Daddy V is just showing guys that bottom line he can bring it if need be. LOL. I personally wasnt a fan of Nare – but then again Nare was recorded about 4 years ago so its only right that any material Daddy V releases today encompasses this type of growth.

There is a certain amount of relevancy that is lost over time from being out of Kenya/Nairobi for so long but I don’t think it matters after a while or does it? If the flow and the beat are on par then the Genge is definitely going to be on point. Although if I had written this song I would have lost that whole “Niko na ma hooks kuliko za Kanye West” Juu uwongo mbaya – hauwezi kuwa na ma hooks kuliko za Kanye west.. Labda kama ni kuimba Genge!! But all in all Mahooks kuliko wasee wa kahawa west ndio, mahooks kuliko wasee wa nairobi west – most definitely…

Anyway thats what music is all about, its about putting out your resume and saying you are the best. Its about putting your lyrical capacity to test and I think Daddy V has shown a lot of growth over the years – this track is tight, I like the beat (with a few samples beats from Magic systems – premier, which I really love that part). The whistles and the guitar work are totally on point – by the time the baseline hits the speakers its almost easy to forget the flute in the background.

ps. I got the vocals and instrumentals for anyone interested… enjoy the track

listen to mahooks here:


download the track here:


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