Dance Taking over East Africa: GetMziki Sessions (DJ Zoom, DJ Ken, DJ Dru)



I have a confession to make to some of you guys. I feel like I have been cheating. Cheating on hiphop and my first love for months now. Honestly its not like I have a real affair really. Its just that my first love hasn’t been as promising as my current love. Real talk – the last few months I have been muzzled into DANCE music its ridiculous. And I am engrossed in it, I am not kidding its not like I just listen to once offs, or just one song and I am cool. I am seriously tuned in to stuff like David Guetta and other folks at Power 109 I feel like that type of shit just gets my blood jumping.

Dance is becoming (or has become) such a phenomenon that all hiphop tracks that hit gold tend to have version or two of a Dance variation. South Africa now brags some of the hottest Kwaito Dance tracks, in Kenya we have people like Just a Band that do a variation or two of Dance and stuff. Seriously I love dancing, I am not one of those guys that you go to a club and see standing by the wall looking all cool and trying to pint. I personally look for real clubs where people get down and grimmy. Lately with the birth of coupe de cale and other forms of music that Louis has exposed me to – I have been getting increasingly intrigued by whats being offered outside the fence.

In Kenya there is mass confusion with whats Dance, whats Techno, whats Rock or whats World music. To me the DJs tend to just mix it all up and call it what seems fit depending on the market value at the current time of their promotion. For years Kenyan DJs and promoters have pushed New Jack Swing as an old school event. Not really realizing that New Jack Swing as a genre is a very small window in the time capsule. That whole Teddy Riley era was the New Jack hustle – but you cant play for me Barry White or sijui Jomanda and tell me New Jack Swing. Carnie really pangad guys – or is it DJ Adrian and DJ Pinye who were responsible for the misinformation and misclassification of New Jack vs Old School vs Soul???

Either way I had to narrow down a top 5 DJ sets that I listen to over and over again. And considering we are in DJ month I figured I would share these sets with you guys. These are not Urban African Tracks by any accord and as such I cannot really validate why I am posting these mixes. However the DJs who compiled these sets are Kenyan and have been holding it down for a long time.

DJ Zoom is a veteran Dance/Rock/Techno DJ and a close friend of mine – currently based in Aussie representing Blackstar Aussie. Zoom has been consistent at dropping hits and mixes for years. I really wouldnt expect anything less from Zoom, I am just excited that he is back to making mixtapes and DJ sets even if its just for fun (Btw Zoom this is the BEST DANCE mix I have heard in a long time – real talk). DJ Ken (Kennedy Kariuki) is a newbie DJ – one of the few people who inspires me really. He has been consistent at hitting me up and making sure I listen to all his mixes and pay close attention to his details. However evidently I have lengad the other Genge Mixes he sent me – and I am posting the mix that I listen to DAILY from his compilations… Thanks for being patient with me/us. DJ Dru is part of GetMziki so it goes without saying he does mixes for us to challenge himself and to inspire other DJs who use GetMziki. The Dance Mix was really a mockery to get Zoom to start making mixes – it looks like it worked well he he he…


Listen to DJ Zooms August Confessions here: (My favorite ****)


|download by right clicking and hit save target as|

Listen to DJ Kens EA Dance Sessions here: (My third favotire ****)


|download by right clicking and hit save target as|

Listen to DJ Drus Dance Mixdown here: (My second favorite ****)


|download by right clicking and hit save target as|

ps. Notice how there are a few DROPs or little name dropping on these sets, maybe the hiphop DJs can learn something from Dance DJ’s // These guys just stuck to providing the music as is. Let the Music play on – Love it…


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