Davis Ntare – Sheka Sheka (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Brand new music from Uganda’s own Davis Ntare just dropped a few weeks ago, and this particular track was blessed by my man R-Kay. I love R-Kays tunes he works hard to incorporate a lot of African sound and raw instruments (guitars, drums and ho hums). So for Davis to get his debut blessed by R-Kay I think its just a good look.

Now if y’all don’t know Davis he is the recently crowned Tusker Project fame winner. TPF4 (Tusker Project Fame 4), this is the second time a Ugandan has won Tusker Project Fame since the competitions inception. I think TPF2 was won by Esther Nabaasa and TPF3 was won by Alpha who is from Rwanda who as I gather is also PAM awards best artists. So for Davis to win this thing its big news for the Ugandans. Personally am not surprised, I’ve always said Ugandan men can blow (can sing)… so by virtue of their DNA (lol) Anyway Am loving everything about this track, I see a long career ahead for Davis if this is his preferred direction.

Above is Davis’s proud moment – am sure he will live to remember that night. Coincidentally am done ranting and raving about Tusker/EABL sponsoring Tusker Project Fame. Its obvious am the only one who cares or seems to think its a poor move on their part. You’ll never see Heineken or Budweiser sponsoring such shows because it just promotes teenage drinking if you ask me. Tusker is openly going after the young’ns. Reminding them that they soon will want to start boozing… I think as a community we can be more responsible and we need to start putting checks and balances early instead of pretending to put some big fat ass billboard on Waiyaki way and pretending to care. Anyway who cares at this point 4 seasons later its obvious TPF is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Enjoy the banger …

listen to Sheka Sheka here:


download the track here:


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