Kwame Rigii feat Nyach – Holela (GetMziki PSA***)


One of the few reasons I love GetMziki so much is because I am able to do what I am about to do today, which is basically giving fresh breath of air to a local new aritst that we think has so much potential. This is KWAME RIGII, he actually did the hook for my late brother (HOWEE) song “MAMA”. There is something soothing about this track as much as its a PSA track, I think Kwame’s vocals really come out well. There is so much potential in these harmonies – the choice of lyrical content and composure really bring the essence of this track together.

HOLELA means CARELESS, and the track is about holding up/abstain, or pretty much just hold up zip up your pants think twice before you engage in any sexual activity. They also shot and directed an animated video that plays off the message on the song. The goal was simple, lets make a song that will empower both men and women concerning safe sex. To me I think mission accomplished although it will take a lot more than a smooth soothing song to change the perceptions of a lot of folks in Africa with regards to having safe sex. It also might help if the government can ensure there are enough Condoms in circulation to help folks with matters of NGONO.. I mean damn how can a whole country run out of condoms (Kenya!! Really?? Thats an epic fail on Baks and his team).

listen to holela here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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