Deux Vultures – Mfupi (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Am getting into the habit of making small comments for big songs. This is one such song that doesn’t deserve so much hoopla and accolades from me. This is a TIGHT song period from Deux Vultures. I gotta admit I have been a Vultures fan for years, every time they go into the studio with OGOPA DJ’s something sweet comes off that synergy.

I like hilarious songs such as this one – the whole idea that a couple of short people gave birth to a tall baby that needs explanation is just hilarious. Coz it reminds me of mchongoano days – sitting by the “Shop ya Mkamba” chongoaing each other – this probably was a serios bomu between one of these dudes that they decided to make into a song. Either way this is a classic hit – its a feel good song, has no particular relevance in life but the sheer fact that it makes you smile and want to move your body is awesome. These are the types of songs that make Deux Vultures great entertainers. Big up Mustapha and Nasty Thomas… Mambo makubwa haya.

listen to Mfupi here:


download the track here:

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