Diva Feat Diamond – Piga Simu (***GetMziki Exclusive)


We’ve been getting new tracks from Alvin and from the constant emails going back and forth between the GetMziki team, a couple of songs have been constantly getting the thumbs up approval as a definite club record. One of the songs is “Shika Simu” by Diva featuring Diamond that was produced by Lamara at Fishcrab Studios.

On a lighter note, we should do a GetMziki Faceoff between Diva’s “Piga Simu” and Marya’s “Sishiki Simu”. As a bonus I decided to add Marya’s ‘Sishiki Simu” track on this post.

Listen to Diva’s “Piga Simu” below:


Click HERE to Download Diva’s “Piga Simu” (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Listen to Marya’s “Sishiki Simu” below:


Click HERE to Download Marya’s “Sishiki Simu”(RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the video below:


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