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Take Over DJs – DJ Dyme is one little dude whose energy is a little electrifying. At first glance you really cant tell that Dyme is a DJ (not that most DJs have a look and feel) but I am just saying Dyme is a short dude, I am used to hanging out with some intimidating looking jamas ha ha ha. Am just kidding. The amazing thing about Dyme is that he is just a humble dude – I cant take anything away from him. I always post his mixes because I think he brings something unique and different to the market place. I haven’t posted any of his work for a long time because I felt like he was going through a phase I couldn’t relate to. He scratched too much, he dropped his name in between mixes almost every 30 seconds and the mixes had too much sound effects.

However when you listen to Afrikan connect you can almost feel the maturity in the sets and the growth of the breadth of music. These are the types of African Mixtapes that I like and truthfully I am dropping it today because I think its a must have. Its a simple clean meaningful mix that sums up my last 5 months in the African Urban Music scene. Its that simple.

Without further due – ITS DYME TIME BABY!!!

Dymetime Radio Presents: Dj Dyme – African Connect Vol.1
(Track list)

1. Dj Dyme Intro
2. Proff – Nani (Whats My Name)
3. Mejja – Land Lord
4. Noorah – Lugha Gongana
5. Wyre ft Ce’cile – She Say Dat (Remix)
6. Vintiqeezy – Jiachilie (Dj Dyme Remix)
7. Kenzo ft. Mc Fullstop – Jiachilie
8. French Boy ft. Ray C – Moto Moto
9. Ali Kiba – Mapenzi
10. Jaguar – Kigueugeu
11. Michel Jackson – Rock My World (Dj Dyme Remix)
12. Enepal ft. JK – Mungeli
13. Lloyd – Cupid (Dj Dyme Remix)
14. J Martins – Iva
15. Wizkid – Wiz party
16. J Martins ft. Fally Ipupa – Jupa (Remix)
17. Bracket ft. P Square – No Time
18. Duncan Mighty – Dance for me
19. S.K. Blinckz ft Adam – Aha Ye De (Remix)
20. May D – Sound Track
Stand by me remix
21. Wale Wasee – Nezakula (Dj Dyme Exclusive)
22. Bamboo – Masai Mara (Dj Dyme Exclusive)

listen to Afrikan Connect here:


download the mix here:

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