DJ Mista Dru – March Maddness Fix (GetMziki Exclusive Mix)


TOM – Uhuru Clothing & DJ Mista Dru – image courtesy of 2Kat Events

Dru (Andrew Siro) is like my brother from another mother – I think I look out for this cat more than many other of my own relatives. Dru was recently in the US to do a tour of shows but we cut his tour short due to many other complications from promoters and unsure investors. I wont get into the gory details here because I don’t wish to disrespect anyone – however I hope in future that all these Kenyan events in the US get streamlined one way or another with some professionalism.

I think the problem we have in the US is eveyrone thinks they can be a promoter, everyone thinks they can put the acronym DJ infront of their names and makes them a DJ… and every DJ or most DJs think they can be promoters – so the market right now has just gotten a little bit clustered with people who know what they are doing and people who dont know what they are doing.

None the less – Dru wanted to share his MARCH MADNESS mix as the few of us root for UCONNNNNNNNNN (Not sure how many of you watch NCAA but there is a RELATIVE OF MINES there called Hasheem Thabeet). Ukimuona mwambie namsaka…

Enjoy the mellow grooves here


Download the mix here:

Right Click and hit save as DJ Dru March Madness Mix


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