Lyrical Assassins feat Bamboo – The Flows



After I posted the Ground Zero song, I realized Calvin had also sent this classic hit. The Flows is an old song really – it was recorded and produced a while back but the delivery of this track is off the chains. The first time I heard this song – DJ Styles had chopped and screwed the first verse which Bamboo was spitting on. I actually thought the song was called Lyrical Assassins until last week when I got the song and realized that the track has always been titled “The Flows”

What makes this song sicker is the fact that my man – Ambrose blessed the production tables. Mandugu Digitals classic work from back in the day, you cant even tell coz this goes way over and beyond his signature bounce beat. I cant lie I have always loved this track, thanks Calvo for sharing this ngoma – because its on my Genius shuffle on my ipod right now 🙂

Cheers enjoy

listen to the flows here:


download the song here:


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