DJ Mista Trixx – August Zikiruka Mixx (Exclusive GetMziki Mix)



Real talk family I enjoy these kids mixes whenever they come through I cant lie. Thats just being honest with you guys. I personally have worked with DJs, I have managed DJs and I still continue to enjoy great friendships with some of the greatest DJs in Kenya and in the US. My number one DJ is still Mista Prime (DJ Mista Prime – Steve Kintu).. although the sucker hang up his gloves. Kintu has been busy with some cat called Creme De la Creme (Top chef, dude has some fire… but am yet to pass my judgment). Truth is I miss Prime’s mixing (who was also known as Slikk when he was in SWAT team)… Prime wasnt just a DJ, Prime was an entertainer it will take a while before someone like Prime comes up again.

Here is the sad part about this conversation – PRIME is alive and kicking but just not fascinated about DJying as he was a few years ago. He currently runs X-Mix and other related video mixing shows in East Africa… So when I am not listening to Prime’s mixes from 2002/03/04/06 I am often listening to Dj Mista Trixx. I just wish someone like Prime would spend time with Trixx – I guarantee this kid will be one of the best in the US (I put my money on this cat anyday in terms of skill… of course there are other things that come into play, such as personality, style, swagga, branding – but so far he understands music and he seems to be headed towards the right place musically.

What Trixx does for us is an unbiased mix which includes all the songs that have been featured over a 3 months period on the site. Thats what this DJ set is all about – its like saying thanks for allowing us DJ’s for doing what we do without general bias based on who has the most tracks or the newest tracks. So for me this is a shukrani in itself. Wazi and thanks! Keep doing what you do…

ps. Let me put this disclaimer here coz many DJs out there have major egos. Am not discrediting any other person I didn’t mention. There are many great DJs in Kenya and in the US, I don’t need to list them… but if you are a veteran DJ I probably would never mention you, I like talking about new and emerging DJs..

pss. We also dont have any affiliations with DJ Trixx or his camp the Madness crew, we are DJ agnostic – we have no liking and have no desire to push any particular DJ vs the other, we just enjoy good music when it comes through…

Trixx we need a track list for this mix.. Thanks

Tracklist (updated)

1.Chips Funga- Q-Tac
2.Sunshine- Nameless ft Habida
3.Uta-Doo!!- Syd and Bobby Mapesa
4.Kumbuka- Nonini ft Lady Bee
5.Ngeli ya Genge- JuaCali
6.Asha- TID and the TopBand
6.Queen- Longombas
7.Basi Basi(Chiwawa) + Banjuka(DNA)>Little star
8.Hey Baby- Colonel Mustapha and Marya
9.Piga Picha-Kaulaz, K-Teezy, Vyba and Vintiqueezy
10.Gyal- Shaffie & Slice
11.Take it Back- Stella(STL)(rmx)
12.Ocha- Alaholla
14.Bread and Butter- Radio and Weseal
15.Kushoto Kulia- P-Unit and Nonini
16.Ti-Chi- Ken Razy
17.Jiachilie- Vintiqueezy rmx(ti-chi inst.)
18.Zikiruka- Dj Dyme, Vinti-K, Vyba, K-teezy

listen to DJ Mista Trixx Zikiruka Mixx


download the DJ Mix here:

Right click and hit save target as // Zikiruka Mixx


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